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You find here a brief description on the research activities of each group and links to access their individual homepages.


The focus of the research program of the Biogeoscience group is to investigate the role of organic matter production, remineralization, transport and burial as a component of the global carbon cycle.

Climate Geology

A central goal of ours is to use new approaches and techniques that do justice to the complexity of geologic records, in order to allow previously hidden signals to emerge.

Engineering Geology

We study fundamental questions related to the formation and hydro-thermo-mechanical properties of fractured rocks from the laboratory to site scales and apply our experimental and numerical skills to the understanding of important questions related to landslide hazards, deep excavations, waste disposal and geothermal energy.

Earth Surface Dynamics

Our group conducts research on physical processes at, and near, the Earth's surface. Our research is particularly focused on how climatic and erosional processes affect the structure, evolution and sediment transport in mountain belts.

Structural Geology and Tectonics

Research of the SGT group is based on field observations but with strong support from complementary theoretical, numerical, and laboratory studies. In-house expertise and facilities exist for the characterization of rock fabrics, numerical modelling and experimental rock deformation.

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