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Prof. Dr. S. Bernasconi, Climate Geology
Prof. Dr. J.-P. Burg
, Structural Geology and Tectonics, Head of the Institute
Prof. Dr. T. I. Eglinton, Biogeoscience

Prof. Dr. G. Haug
, Climate Geology
Prof. Dr. S. Löw, Engineering Geology
Prof. Dr. N. Mancktelow, Structural Geology and Tectonics
Prof. emeritus
Dr. J. A. McKenzie, Geological Cycles
Prof. Dr. T. Schneider, Climate Dynamics
Prof. Dr. M. Strasser, Sedimental Dynamcis
Prof. emeritus Dr. H. R. Thierstein, Micropaleontology;
emeritus Dr. H. Weissert, Sedimentation and
Prof. Dr. S. D. Willett, Earth Surface Dynamics

Prof. emeritus Dr. W. Winkler, Earth Surface Dynamics
Research and teaching

Research and teaching focus on a better understanding of important processes on the earth's surface and in the lithosphere. Thereby, field observations are combined with experiments, modelling, and theory. Current research activities can be divided into three main areas, each consisting of several research projects:

Deformation of the continental lithosphere and development of sedimentary basins
Interplay between geosphere and biosphere and its variability in earth's history
Geomechanical and geohydraulic processes in near-surface environments

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