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Spring Seminar Series Schedule overview for 2017

Detailed Guest Lecture information for 2017 can be found here.

Past Guest Lecture information can be found below.  

Seminar Spring Semester 2016:

  • Prof. Andrea Moscariello (University of Geneva): Geothermal exploration activity in the Greater Geneva Basin: Challenges and opportunities
  • Dr. Victor Bense (University of East Anglia): Fault zone hydrogeology: towards a coherent framework of geological fault zone analysis for fluid flow properties
  • Dr. Claudio Margottini (Department of Geological Survey, Rome, Italy): Engineering geology in shaping and preserving the historic urban landscapes and cultural heritage: some achievements in UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Dr. Topias Siren (Aalto University): Geomechanical behavior of a migmatic gneiss to host a nuclear waste repository in Finland
  • Dr. Didier Hantz (Polytech Grenoble): Influence of geological and meteorological factors on rockfall frequency
  • Prof. Jean-Michel Lemieux (Université Laval): Groundwater occurence in cold environments: Examples from Nunavik, Canada
  • Dr. John-Paul Latham (Imperial College): Are scientists getting to grips with modelling fractures and grains in rockysystem processes? One decade of progress in FEMDEM modelling of rock
  • Prof. Michael Krautblatter (Technical University of Munich): Towards a mechanical failure model for degrading permafrost rock slopes

Seminar Spring Semester 2015:

  • Alexander Puzrin (ETH Zürich): Evolution of submarine landslides: Unifying shear band propagation approach
  • Tanguy Le Borgne (Universite de Rennes): Experimental characterization of flow distribution and transport processes in fractured media.
  • Stefan Kollet (Bonn University): Terrestrial energy coupling from the bedrock into the atmosphere
  • Tobias Vogt (NAGRA, Switzerland): Monitoring THM effects in the Full-Scale Emplacement (FE) experiment at the Mont Terri URL
  • Mark Jensen (Nuclear Waste Management Company, Canada): Canada's plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel.
  • Federico Agliardi (GeoMib, Italy): Controls, long-term evolution and impact of slow rock slope deformations in the Alps
  • Dan Faulkner (University of Liverpool): The nature and properties of fracture damage around faults

Seminar Spring Semester 2014:

  • Prof. Heinz Konietzky: Time dependent crack growth in hard brittle rock
  • Prof. Doug Schmitt: The effects of CO2 on seismic wave speeds.
  • Dr. Florian Amann: Fracture initiation and propagation in clay rocks
  • Prof. Sebastian Bauer: Impacts of the use of geological underground for thermal, electrical or material storage
  • Dr. Matt Pierce: Use of discrete fracture networks in the estimation of rock mass properties
  • Herr Helmut Wannenmacher: Geomechanical considerations for pressure tunnel design and construction.
  • Dr. Erich Pimentel: Modelling artificial ground freezing under consideration of seepage flow
  • Prof. Derek Elsworth: THMC modelling of permeability and seismicity.

Seminar Spring Semester 2010:

  • Prof. Roberto Romeo: Earthquake-induced landslide scenarios: past and future trends.
  • Prof. Oldrich Hungr: Analysis Methods of Landslide Motion.
  • Prof. Oldrich Hungr: Runout Exercise.
  • Prof. Oldrich Hungr: 3D Slope Stability.
  • Prof. Oldrich Hungr: Typological Landslide Classification.

Seminar Spring Semester 2008:

  • Prof. Jean Hutchinson: Acceptability Considerations for Landslide Risk Management.
  • Prof. Mark Diederichs: Spall Prediction - State of Practice, Where do we go from here?
  • Prof. Nicholas Sitar: Characteristics of Seismically Induced Landslides and Topographic Amplification.
  • Prof. Joseph Wartman: Hurricane Katrina: The Intersection of a Metropolis, Infrastructure and a Natural Hazard.
  • Prof. Ewald Brückl: Slope instabilities due to deep-seated gravitational creep process analysis and prediction.


Calendar of Events

27 February 2017, Seminar

GFD / SEG Seminar - Dynamics of Megathrust-Learning from Himalayan earthquakes

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1 March 2017, Seminar

GFD Seminar - 2D Numerical Modeling of Pebble Accretion: Influence on Planetesimal Evolution

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1 March 2017, Internal

Gesteine bestimmen

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1 March 2017, Seminar

GFD Seminar - Impact splash chondrule formation and its connection to terrestrial planet formation

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1 March 2017, Seminar

Structural Geology and Tectonics Seminar - Pamiri Perspective: Building the Pamir-Tibet Plateau - Crustal Stacking, Gravitational Collapse and Lateral Extrusion forced by deep-seated lithospheric processes

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